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Partial discharge detector and accessories

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XYPD-04D 4 channels digital PD detector

Time:2020-12-22 14:12


XYPD-02D/04D multi-channel digital partial discharge detector is suitable for transformers, transformers, generators, arresters, bushings, GIS, capacitors, power cables, switches and other parts of high-voltage electrical equipment...

Detailed introduction
XYPD-02D/04D multi-channel digital partial discharge detector is suitable for transformers, transformers, generators, arresters, bushings, GIS, capacitors, power cables, switches and other parts of high-voltage electrical equipment of various voltage levels and capacities Discharge detection, online monitoring.

·Independent two-channel, four-channel digital partial discharge measurement, simultaneous sampling, processing and display.
·Internal and external synchronization can be selected at will, with zero mark indication and phase discrimination function. ·Display mode: freely select three display modes: ellipse, straight line and sine.
·Single discharge pulse waveform analysis to determine the nature of the discharge.
·Save test data and waveforms at any time, and can redisplay and analyze test records saved in the past. ·Gain range: each channel is individually adjusted, and the waveform display can be smoothly adjusted at any time without affecting the measurement results.
·Single capture of special or random waveforms and detailed analysis.
·Anti-static interference function, which can remove interference signals with fixed phase.
The anti-interference function of related filtering technology can effectively remove random interference that is not synchronized with the power supply.
·The band-pass filter adopts analog and digital hybrid filtering technology, and the bandwidth can be combined arbitrarily, effectively suppressing various interferences.
·Any phase window opening, single window, double window optional, free window opening within 360 degrees.
·It can monitor the test voltage while detecting partial discharge.
·Discharge measurement, discharge time and waveform analysis of partial discharge pulses.
·Two-dimensional and three-dimensional partial discharge map display.
·Store and print partial discharge graphics and data at will, and automatically generate test reports.

Technical index
·Measurement channel: independent 2 / independent 4 channels.
·The capacitance range of the testable product is 6pF~250uF.
· Detection sensitivity: 0.01pC.
·Sampling accuracy: 12bit; sampling rate: 20M/S.
·Display working method training
(1) Display method: ellipse-sine-straight line;
(2) Trigger synchronization mode: divided into internal and external trigger modes, the internal trigger is the instrument power synchronization trigger, 50Hz; the external trigger is the synchronous test power working frequency, any frequency within 50~400Hz;
(3) External trigger synchronization signal input voltage: 10~200V, input power <1V;
(4) Signal phase determination: the ellipse is displayed in polar coordinate mode, the sine is displayed in sine wave mode, the starting point of the display graph is the zero point of the test power supply, and the length of the display graph is one cycle of the test power supply. The system is in external trigger synchronization mode. The period and phase of the test power supply are displayed truly and accurately.
·Time window: The phase size can be selected at will, and the time window can be dynamically enlarged and displayed. The two time windows can be opened separately or simultaneously.
Filter frequency band: 3dB low frequency end frequency L is divided into 10, 20, 40kHz gears, 3dB high frequency end frequency H is divided into 80, 200, 300kHz gears, fL and H can be flexibly formed into various filter passbands.
·signal amplifier:
(1) Gain adjustment: It is divided into coarse gain adjustment and fine gain adjustment. The coarse gain adjustment is divided into 5 levels, the gain difference between the levels is 20dB (10 times), the error ±1dB adjustment; the gain fine adjustment range
(2) The asymmetry of the amplifier's positive and negative polarity response: <1dB.
·Partial discharge signal measurement: The partial discharge signal can be measured in continuous, amplified and other display modes with an error of ±5% (in full scale).
·With data storage, playback function, printing function, and standard test report generation.
·Working environment temperature: -10~45℃, relative humidity: ≤95%.
·Power supply AC220V; frequency 50Hz; power 300W.
(1) Dimensions: 540 (width), 530mm (depth), 330mm (height);
(2) Weight: about 18kg.


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