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Shielding room

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Partial discharge shielding room

Time:2020-12-14 10:58


Manual double doors Shielding door size produces according to user needs....

Detailed introduction
The shielding room of partial discharge test is mainly used to prevent the influence of external electromagnetic interference on partial discharge test. The shielding room should have good grounding and isolation system, which can effectively prevent the interference of electrostatic field, magnetic field and high frequency electromagnetic wave.
According to different requirements of users, the shape and specification of shielding room can be customized.
Technical index
Shielding performance (measured at 1 m inside the gate)
Magnetic field: ≥ 60dB at 10 ~ 100kHz
Electric field: ≥ 60dB at 1kHz ~ 10Hz
Under the condition of 1000pF coupling capacitance test circuit, the back tone of partial discharge is less than 1pC
Mechanical properties of screen blue shell: steel plate unevenness ≤ 4mm / ㎡, shielding body perpendicularity ≤ 5mm
Deformation degree within two years: roof subsidence ≤ 8mm
Bottom depression ≤ 3mm



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